Cecilia McGough and John Nash

Cecilia Mcgough is a person who had lots of experience of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a illness that gives people illusions and more side affects. Cecelia Mcgough has stated that she has schizophrenia. She shared how she would see things like clowns, spider and more. Almost all these illusions would hurt her or scare her. However Cecilia has been fighting and also been saving people from committing suicide because of these illusions. Now she has made an organization called curesz and because of the organization she is helping people with schizophrenia and is saving lives. Someone similar to her is John Nash. John Nash was a genius but then something was bringing him down and that was his schizophrenia. He would see a man who told him he is a world war II code breaker and he would also so see more things like his roommate. But john Nash also kept on fighting with help of his wife. After sometime he was cured from this illness. He also than became a noble prize winner. Both these people had the same illness but in the end they both became a successful.

Link to the organization: curesz    


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